Month of Pirates

Not strictly true, actually – I’ve also spent a good deal of ¬†time this month working on Dwarf King, but it certainly feels like it’s been pirates all month. Travelled to Denmark on vacation on a pirate themed boat and stayed at a Pirate themed hotel ¬†(great fun for the kids), and did a ton […]

Hot July

Well, at least here in Norway. Which is great, because it means lots of time out and about in the sun, playing with my sons. It does mean that I’m doing a good deal less programming than it if were rainy and dreary, but I’m not complaining. Even if the good weather means slower progress, […]

Summer Blues

The time before summer holidays is often a busy time, and so this year has proven as well. For the past few weeks I’ve been working on a variety of issues (including fixing a bug in Pirates and Traders), but my time has been pretty limited due to a number of reasons, mostly work related. […]

Thoughts on Pirates and Traders 2

So, Google I/O has come and gone, and along with it came the announcement of something I’ve been wishing to see for a very, very long time: Google Play Services with highscores, achievements, cloud saves, etc. The big question that this leaves me with, of course, is what to do with Pirates and Traders. High […]

I/O’s Ahead

So, version 2.6.6 of Pirates and Traders has gone out, and no serious new bugs seem to have been introduced beyond the troubles with the locale settings. I’m still seeing reports of OutOfMemory errors in my dashboard though, which is disappointing – I was hoping to put a bigger dent into that problem with a […]