Small Battles

Small Battles Closed Beta

As mentioned elsewhere, I’ve been working on Small Battles for the past couple of weeks. And after this latest round of improvements, I feel that it may be ready to go into more intensive testing. So what is Small Battles again? It’s changed a bit in the details since I first announced it, but essentially […]

March already?

Why does February only have 28 days? It has no business being that short – always feels the lack of those two extra days when I’m busy. Anyway – a little bit of the current status. I’ve been trying to release new screenshots/graphics regularly each week, but this weekend just got too busy. I’ll try […]

Hot July

Well, at least here in Norway. Which is great, because it means lots of time out and about in the sun, playing with my sons. It does mean that I’m doing a good deal less programming than it if were rainy and dreary, but I’m not complaining. Even if the good weather means slower progress, […]

Summer Blues

The time before summer holidays is often a busy time, and so this year has proven as well. For the past few weeks I’ve been working on a variety of issues (including fixing a bug in Pirates and Traders), but my time has been pretty limited due to a number of reasons, mostly work related. […]

Command and Small Battles

Well, I promised to talk about the game mechanics, so I better deliver. Small Battles is a pretty stylized game, mechanically. It has to be – with each side typically fielding 15 to 20 units. In most ancient battles, that will probably see the standard infantry unit averaging 2000 or 4000 troops. The battlefield will […]

Talking of Small Battles

So, for the past couple of weeks most of my time has been spent working on getting a playable alpha version of Small Battles ready and into the hands of the testers. It will be a while after that before the game itself is ready for release, but I want to start testing it as […]