Pirates & Traders

Creating real characters in games

Yesterday’s article about NPCs by Austin Walker definitely struck a chord with me, and got me wanting to write on the subject of characters and personality in games again. One of the big differences between Pirates and Traders 2 and its predecessor will be its addition of persistent characters – and with it – persistent personalities. […]

Unpublishing and back to blogging

My blogging for the past couple of years has been pretty sporadic, but after the latest update of the site, I want to give this a try again and write blog posts regularly. We’ll see how it goes. Today I unpublished my very first Android app, “A Brief History of Rome”. BHR was basically an off-shoot […]

Summer update 2014

Vacation time has come, which means that I’ll probably be travelling around a bit. This also means that I’ll not always be able to reach my e-mail, though I’ll try to get some time to respond to things at least once a week. I’ve had difficulty responding in a timely fashion throughout most of the first […]

March already?

Why does February only have 28 days? It has no business being that short – always feels the lack of those two extra days when I’m busy. Anyway – a little bit of the current status. I’ve been trying to release new screenshots/graphics regularly each week, but this weekend just got too busy. I’ll try […]