Dwarf King

March already?

Why does February only have 28 days? It has no business being that short – always feels the lack of those two extra days when I’m busy. Anyway – a little bit of the current status. I’ve been trying to release new screenshots/graphics regularly each week, but this weekend just got too busy. I’ll try […]

New Years Update

Happy New Year, everyone. I had a long Christmas vacation this year, and it’s taken time to catch up with the backlog of e-mails, messages and work since coming back. Way too long, to be honest, but that’s sometimes how it goes with the indie life, when other commitments interfere. In any case, I am slowly […]

November Update

Time passes quickly when one is busy, and November has been a very busy month (in real life; not my game development career). A few updates on what is moving at the moment. Pirates and Traders is almost ready for a new update (now testing). This update will bring a couple of new encounters that […]

Hot July

Well, at least here in Norway. Which is great, because it means lots of time out and about in the sun, playing with my sons. It does mean that I’m doing a good deal less programming than it if were rainy and dreary, but I’m not complaining. Even if the good weather means slower progress, […]

I/O’s Ahead

So, version 2.6.6 of Pirates and Traders has gone out, and no serious new bugs seem to have been introduced beyond the troubles with the locale settings. I’m still seeing reports of OutOfMemory errors in my dashboard though, which is disappointing – I was hoping to put a bigger dent into that problem with a […]

May thoughts

Whew… time passes fast when you’re busy like crazy. I’ve been sharing the past couple of weeks between completing the write-up for the “Hunt for the Treasure Fleet” story line (including testing it – and killing off an innumerable number of pirates), and working on the game framework for my next game(s). The storyline is completed now, and […]