MicaByte Game Library open sourced

I recently released the MicaByte “Game Library” as open-source. I work almost entirely in Native Android. That’s mostly a convenience thing – the time I have for game development is very limited, and although I am a C++ programmer by trade I like Java as well. Java is not a perfect programming language (none of […]

Dwarf King

In my New Year’s post, I teased two new projects, one of which is a game with the working title of “Dwarf King”, so what is it? Well – one of the things I have been wanting to do, is to reuse the choose-your-own adventure/RPG system I’ve built in other projects, and “Dwarf King” is […]

Small Battles

So I teased two projects in the New Year’s posts, one of which was this one: “Small Battles”. It is a tactical battle system that I’ve been working on in one form or another for a very long time. It originates in the battle engine work I did on the Imperium project and builds on […]

2013: New Beginnings

As those of you who follow the Twitter/Facebook feed may have gathered, Christmas brought a new addition to my household. Given that MicaByte is essentially a one-person, part-time company, that means that the next couple of months will be… interesting. I expect to be able to continue development on my various projects, but it would […]

Android version 1.5

This is just a short announcement to warn that support for Android OS 1.5 in future versions of Pirates and Traders will most likely cease. Pirates and Traders was originally coded for a HTC Magic phone running Android 1.5, but Android soon moved on to more advanced frameworks. Fortunately, Pirates and Traders is not very […]

The Blog is Back!

The Blog is Back! First of all, my apologies to the three followers of this blog for the long hiatus. It’s a long story, but briefly put – Junior spent most of January ill with all sorts of interesting bugs picked up in kindergarten (and passing it on, whenever possible). That pretty much put me […]