Creating real characters in games

Yesterday’s article about NPCs by Austin Walker definitely struck a chord with me, and got me wanting to write on the subject of characters and personality in games again. One of the big differences between Pirates and Traders 2 and its predecessor will be its addition of persistent characters – and with it – persistent personalities. […]

Unpublishing and back to blogging

My blogging for the past couple of years has been pretty sporadic, but after the latest update of the site, I want to give this a try again and write blog posts regularly. We’ll see how it goes. Today I unpublished my very first Android app, “A Brief History of Rome”. BHR was basically an off-shoot […]

Comments back on…

As you may have noticed if you’ve visited here once in a while, I’ve turned comments back on for the blog. I turned it off some years ago, due to the amount of spam that it generated and since the forum more or less filled the need for somewhere to discuss. Now that I’ve closed […]

Small Battles Closed Beta

As mentioned elsewhere, I’ve been working on Small Battles for the past couple of weeks. And after this latest round of improvements, I feel that it may be ready to go into more intensive testing. So what is Small Battles again? It’s changed a bit in the details since I first announced it, but essentially […]